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Friday, June 17, 2005

I was reading my friend Bob's weblog on Podcasting the other day, and I found his take on the Steve Jobs announcement about iTunes supporting Podcasting Very much on the mark.

See here:

PODCASTING: Podcasting - The Hottest Thing In Radio!: ""

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Since I started watching Podcasting begin late last summer. I have been overwhelmed by the reaction that it has caused. I figured that it would be a small way to add content to blogs, and possibly other media.

I was far more interested in the automatic finding of files and then downloading them.

Was I wrong. Boy was I wrong.

In the nine months since then changes have taken place that have surprised me.

I never expected that there would be 8000 podcasts by this time.

I didn't expect to find that there would be at least fifteen podcasts on comic books.

Nor did I expect to find out that there are two (at least) podcasts devoted to playing music by the Grateful Dead.

None of this was expected, at least by me.

I have heard lately that even the big radio chains are starting to notice. Locally some of the radio stations are beginning to expand their playlists, to cover a larger number of songs. All of them from the same style that they are playing now.

That I figure will change.

After all if you don't keep the attention of your audience, they'll turn elsewhere, and find something that they want to listen to.

And that something will be on their computer, and their Mp3 player.

And that thought is scaring a lot of people who had thought that they had figured us all out.

They were wrong, like they always are, about us.

Now if we can clue in Mr Jobs about Wayne's World.